About Quality Assurance

WebQuest Designers utilizes a quality system reflecting the organized structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes, and resources needed for implementing quality management.

It is an integrated system of activities implemented at the management level involving planning, quality control, quality assessment, reporting and quality improvement to ensure that our products and services meets defined standards of quality.

Stage 1: Define Project Strategic Objectives
In this initial project management phase, working with the client, the strategic objectives of the project will be determined and refined.
Deliverables: Document of objectives.

Stage 2: Technical Specification and Creative Proof of Concept
Detailed specification of creative design guidelines and complete information architecture plans are created in response to the agreed strategic objectives. This includes a ‘digital storyboard’ of the user’s experience and brand management strategies. Upon approval of the specification, production of a prototype begins.
Deliverables: Documentation (Technical and creative guidelines) and electronic proof of concept (‘EPOC’).

Stage 3: Prototype Development
The prototype is a working model of the final site that tests the core technical aspects of the project and establishes a test model that can be used with actual focus groups. This involves testing functionality and navigation of the site, testing responsiveness, updateability and server configuration, and to test for areas that may restrict future growth.
Deliverables: Prototype site on staging server.

  Stage 4: Completion of Software Development
At the end of this phase, the project is ready for final user acceptance testing. This testing is conducted under a range of conditions on the target platform.
Deliverables: URL to Staging site.

Stage 5: Deployment and Integration
In this stage of development, software is prepared for cutover to live environment and all server configurations and networking standards are finalized.
Deliverables: Live site.

Stage 6: Documentation Support and Training
WebQuest Designers will provide support and training for key staff who will be responsible for authoring, updating and maintaining the site. This includes all technical documentation as well as Electronic Style Guides and Screen Templates.
Deliverables: Training sessions in administration software scheduled with key administration staff. Electronic design templates and online style manual.

Stage 7: Refinement and Maintenance
The final step is to design and implement a maintenance plan appropriate for the clients ongoing business needs. This plan helps to maintain and refine the project in response to ongoing monitoring of the projects performance.
Deliverables: Documentation and maintenance agreement.



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